Subject To Change - Kitty Grows Up

by Picklejuice

Kitty sat on the car!

Kitty scratched up a four story building!

It's started again!

She becomes more anthro, larger.

Originally age 12, she was regressed to kitten (a few months), but in this picture she's well on her way back to her normal age... at 5 times her normal size. Currently in the body of a 9 year old giant kitty girl...

Age 12 and 6 storeys tall...

Age 15 and with nice hair...

Excited to hit age 18, she accidentally steps on a tanker trucker... ^.^

Giant KittyGirl helps cars cross a broken bridge! ... mostly coz she the one that broke it...

Ratzilla strikes! Giant Kitty Girl Strikes back!

Giant kitty girls are great substitutes for elevators at furry conventions.

Uh oh...

POWN'D -with-a-z!

I don't know who those other giant furries are. I think it's Bren and Brenda. But you didn't hear it from me. Maybe it's Brennana

She also helps the hungry!

Additional notes:

This was a commission that the commissionee insisted I use as a promo pic of some sorts. So. Tah dah!

Kitty Grows Up is an alternate uinverse in which she becomes older, bigger, and crushes things.

I'm an artist for hire as well.
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