Subject To Change

by Picklejuice


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STC News For October 2011

"Kieth Kuteness Kurled up" hostage pic for 10-1-2011 is ready for anyone who donates. If I get enough donations, I'll release it for everyone to see.

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Subject; subĚject [n. 'suhb-jikt; v. suhb-'jekt]
1. liable; prone (usually fol. by to): subject to headaches.
-verb (used with object)
2. to bring under domination, control, or influence (usually fol. by to).

To [too; unstressed too, tuh] -preposition
1 (used as the ordinary sign or accompaniment of the infinitive, as in expressing motion, direction, or purpose, in ordinary uses with a substantive object.)
2. (used for expressing aim, purpose, or intention): going to the rescue.

Change [cheynj] -noun
1. the act or fact of changing; fact of being changed.

Hostage pics and comics:

"Kieth fully changed" HOSTAGE RELEASED. CLICK TO VIEW.

"Kieth's dog house" HOSTAGE RELEASED. CLICK TO VIEW. .

2010-03 Kitty grows HUGE - HOSTAGE COMIC -

Bonus pics:

2010-01 Turtle Power

2010-01 Bunny grows HUGE

2009-12 Joe Subject, Growing Puppyboy, Growing Kittygirl, and bunny all jam for a bit

2009-11 Bunny sees his butt!

2009-10 Bunny shrinks into his clothes!

2009-09 Doggy sad he's changing

2009-08 Red Panda (Sequence preview)

2009-07 Joe Subject gets chastized

2009-06 Growing Puppyboy all grown up - and big!

Monday March 21st marks the 200th installment of Subject To Change, starting a new storyline with Kieth the bully and his brother Chuck.

To Celembrate, (I SAID CELEMBRATE!) I've whipped up a handy dandy index for the various stories.


Thumbnails of each storyline as of 3-21-2011
Ch. 1 : "Joe Subject pt 1: Becoming a doggy boy" 1 to 23
Joe Subject's girlfriend puts a magic collar on him that transforms him into a short , obedient, anthro puppy boyfriend. Her friend Marcy stops by and mixes things up.

Ch. 2 : "Growing Dogg Boy pt 1: Becoming" 24 to 45
After eating some Doggie's Grow Bigger pills, the Dogg brother here is slowly transformed into a giant puppy boy

Ch. 3 : "Growing Doggy Boy pt 2: Living" 46 to 64
The Grown Dogg brother must try to deal with school, bullies, the vet, and his mom.

Filler : "Sheepdog Boy" 65 to 67
Filler of a boy transforming into a sheepdog boy

Ch. 4 : "Growing Kittygirl" 68 to 102
Jealous of her younger brother's transformation, the sister chomps down on the kitty version "Super strength feline growth hormone".

Bonus comic: Kitty Grows Up (16 images)
A commission/gift from Bren about an alternate universe where the kitty girl grows up to be a giant cat woman!

Ch. 5 : "Joe Subject pt 2: Dogboy Park" 103 to 123
Joe's girlfriend drops him off at the puppy boyfriend park. The other dogs have nefarious plans, however...

Ch. 6 : "Shysters" 124 to 171
Shawn and Helen, two con men, try to fix the transforming epidemic, and fail...

Ch. 7 : "Turtle Fan" 172 to 199
Lenny encounters some aliens who grant him his fondest wish: to be a turtle! Caution: some unexpected growth may occur.

Ch. 8 : "Kieth Konsequences" 200 to current
The aliens come back to correct the anomaly created when Lenny (turtle fan) got his biosignature tied to his tormentor, Kieth. Again, with mixed results...

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